Privacy Policy

This website uses analytics to collect basic information about it’s visitors so that we can improve the performance, content and overall experience of the website.

You can easily opt-out of website analytics and therefore no data will be gathered about your visit. For details about opting-out please see the appropriate section.


To collect this information the website uses cookies which are small text files stored within your browser that the website can read enabling them to recognise your computer and provide analytics on how many times and for how long you visited.

We use the _ga, _gid and _gat_gtag_UA… cookies set by Google Analytics.


On loading of the website you will be presented with a popup enabling you to choose whether to allow cookies to be set.

If you do allow the cookies, you may at any time disable them so no further analytic data is gathered by clicking “Disable Cookies” within the footer of the website.

If you would then like to remove the disabled cookies please follow your specific browser instructions.